Sparkly Geode Opening - LIVE Event/Class on Facebook December 13

  • $25.00

We listened!!

You want sparkly geodes and you want them opened!!

You can come into the shop and choose an unopened geode to take home with you and open OR
You can purchase yours here and have Geologist "Jack" open them for you LIVE on the Show!

Every Geode is guaranteed to have brilliant sparkles inside - with quartz, smokey and amethyst being some of the special crystals we've seen inside of them!
Upon opening, you'll have two beautiful 1/2's to display - along with some extra pieces that naturally come off during the opening.  These are perfect to use for creating jewelry, giving as gifts or using throughout your home.

    AND you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home!
    Join us LIVE on Facebook at 8pm to see your geodes opened - just click the video that shows up on our Facebook page!

    Our LIVE shows are Wednesdays - Sundays at 8pm each day except Friday is 9pm. During our LIVE shows we show and sell a variety of items - many one-of-a-kind. Payment is due within 48 hours. We ship worldwide!