Santa's Magical Gift® Set - With Audio

  • $74.99

Santa's Magical Gift® is a new Christmas tradition that creates a written time capsule of thoughts, wishes and events each and every Christmas, a true family heirloom.

(Have additional children?  Click HERE to purchase the Accessory Pack with an additional Magic Box and Wish Book)

The gift features an audio book that tells a story of a child's dream on the night before Christmas.  In the dream, the child goes to Santa's workshop, and Santa asks, "How would you like a way to tell me your wishes for the rest of your life?".  Santa then gives the child their very own Magic Box, inside the Magic Box is a Wish Book.  The Wish Book is where the child can write their name in the book and start writing their Christmas wishes!

On Christmas Eve, the child will put their Wish Book into the Magic Box on the night stand next to their bed.  In the morning when they awake, their Magic Box will be open with a Clue in it.  Santa will write a clue for the child to start a fun treasure hunt to find their Christmas gift from Santa!  Seven clue notes come in each Santa's Magical Gift® sets.  As you can imagine this treasure hunt puts excitement and anticipation into Christmas morning, and creates an incredible family tradition.

You will also find a Thank You Note in the gift set.  It is so important to thank Santa for the gift!  The child will fill out the Thank You note, place it in the Magic Box and close the lid.  The next morning, when they awake the note is gone and they know that Santa has received their Thank You! 

  • The Audio Book is a magical story of a child's dream on the night before Christmas
  • The Personalized Wish Book collects child's wishes in writing every year
  • The Magic Box is child's portal directly to Santa
  • Builds a true family heirloom by collecting your Christmas memories in writing
  • The gift that keeps giving year to year
  • Promotes child and parent interaction
  • Promotes reading and writing
  • Fun for all ages
  • Instills family values
  • Promotes self esteem
  • Fosters imagination and creativity
  • Creates year round entertainment
  • First in a series of Christmas products
  • Pre-designed ancillary products to follow

Santa's Magical Gift® consist of Audio Book, Wish Book, Magic Box, Clue Notes & Thank you Notes.