About Us

Welcome to Manic Mermaid

A (not boring) art gallery located at 5020 Main St, Suite M at Point Ruston in Tacoma, WA. Surprise & Oddness & Gifts & Crystals & Chocolate & Art...open 7 days a week, 11-6pm
A few stories ago, our main mermaid began collecting wondrous and fascinating treasures in her adventures throughout the earth. As with all tantalizing tales, our mermaid fell in love...although this time it wasn't with a prince, but with an incredible community in the heart of Tacoma, WA.
From this love that God put upon her heart for this area, a (not boring) art gallery in the historical Lincoln District emerged. This allowed our mermaid to not only be in the midst of her new family, but also be able to share and help and contribute to those around her. Now our mermaid resides by the sea down at Point Ruston continuing the work that was started on 38th st.
Entwined in this shop is our mermaid's desire to share beauty & surprise & oddness with those seeking.